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You can block Email Sender In AOL Mail to stop annoying email. If Someone sending Unwanted Email to you regularly then You can block Email from Specific S


The safety and security of all our users is essential to AOL Mail. To protect your account, most suspected spam messages are automatically filtered, but if you're still getting overwhelmed with unwanted messages, there are additional options you can customize to protect your privacy.


Click Mail Settings, then Spam Options to view the Sender Filter. Select the type of email messages to block. Click Block mail from addresses I specify to view menu options. Select Block mail from addresses I specify so you can manually add specific email addresses or domain names to your blocked email list. Click Block mail from all senders if ...


4 Block an Email Sender in Yahoo Mail; ... To remove a blocked email address, enter the AOL keyword “Mail Controls” into AOL’s search box, press “Enter” and then use your cursor to ...


If Someone sending Unwanted Email to you regularly then You can block Email from Specific Sender in AOL . You can Block max 1000 Email addresses


Anyone with access to your computer can block email addresses in AOL. Furthermore, AOL is able to block entire domains and prevent thousands of senders from sending you emails. Note that in some ...


You can block unwanted messages in AOL Mail by adding the sender's email address or domain to your list of blocked email addresses and domains under Spam Settings. Notes: You can block a maximum of 1000 email addresses/domain names. A domain is the part of the email address after the @ symbol.


In AOL Desktop version 9, click the "Mail" menu and select "Block Unwanted Mail." 4. Change the "Sender Filter" setting to "Block Mail From Addresses I Specify" if you want to block messages from ...


Due to recent adjustments to the AOL Mail platform, the Spam Settings customization, are no longer available for all accounts. We apologize for the inconvenience. In order to block a specific sender, go to Options – Mail Settings – Spam Settings and add the email addresses in the box below “Block Mail from Addresses I Specify”, then click Save Settings at the bottom, and in case you ...


From there onwards, emails from the blocked email addresses will not be allowed to enter into the inbox folder of your AOL Mail account. 5.) Alternatively, if you are looking to block emails in AOL Desktop 10.1 version, start by logging into your AOL account.