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When air is heated it either increases in volume, increases in pressure or both, depending on the conditions. Air is composed of several different gases, most notably nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide, but the particular gas involved does not matter. All gases behave identically with an identical


A forced-air heating system uses a blower and ductwork to distribute heat from a central heat source to the rooms of a home. Possible heat sources include electrical resistance heating, a fuel-burning furnace or a heat pump.


When a volume of air is heated, it expands, if the volume is not contained in a rigid container. If the air is in a rigid container, the internal pressure increases against the walls of the container.


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When air is heated, its molecules move at an increased velocity due to an increase in kinetic energy. The increase in energy allows the gas to expand as the temperature increases.


An air-source heat pump is an energy-efficient heating and cooling unit for the home that performs best in areas with sub-freezing winter temperatures. The device works by transferring heat from the air rather than converting it from fuel.


Air molecules vibrate and bump against each other when heated. The molecules take up more space during these motions, causing air to expand. Because the molecules occupy a larger or same-size space with increased pressure, the air becomes lighter, or less dense.


Water to air heat exchangers can be purchased on the Internet from eBay and Alternative Heating & Supplies. The price usually depends on the size of the heat exchanger.


Combination heating and air conditioning units are cost-effective as concerns energy, labor and maintenance compared to split units, but they are not as effective as the alternative in maintaining appropriate energy levels in homes. Combination heating and air conditioning units tend to lose energy,


An electric forced-air heat system works by using electric elements to generate heat. Air is moved past these elements to warm it, and ductwork then distributes the heated air throughout the house. The forced-air system of distributing heat differs from gravity systems, which rely on natural air cur