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While there are programs and websites that can easily help solve different crossword clues, there are several basic steps that can be followed to aid in understanding and solving them. It is important, however, to choose the right crossword puzzle difficulty level, especially for those just starting


The easiest way of making your own crossword puzzle is to use one of the many crossword-generating programs available on the web. However, it can be also done manually with grid paper, a pencil, an eraser and lots of patience. The hardest part in either case, is coming up with your own clues and ans


Complete chemical bonding crosswords by filling in the boxes with words based on crossword clues similarly to how you would with normal crossword puzzles. Chemical bonding crosswords involve educational clues dealing with ions, subatomic particles, molecules, electron sharing, charges and atomic the


Antiseptics are applied to the skin to reduce the possibility of infection. Common antiseptics include rubbing alcohol, boric acid, hydrogen peroxide and iodine. Commonly used in antiseptic towels, a family of substances known as quaternary ammonium compounds are also considered antiseptics. Example


Common antiseptics include alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, benzalkonium chloride, iodine and boric acid. Alcohol, ranging in strength from 60 to 90 percent, is used to disinfect skin before certain medical procedures. Hydrogen peroxide, a common household antiseptic, also cleans and deodorizes wounds. B


Crossword Compiler is a software program created and published by WordWeb Software. It allows users to create crossword puzzles, word searches and other games for both printing and for online use.


An easy printable crossword is a beginner-level crossword puzzle that can be printed out onto paper. Some sites that offer easy printable crosswords include Free Daily Crosswords and About.com. Both sites feature a selection of crosswords that users can download and print for free.


Curious by nature? Then you probably can’t resist the mystery of a good puzzle. From jigsaw puzzles to mind-bending brain teasers, puzzles have challenged the brains and stubborn natures of humans for centuries. For many, crossword puzzles provide a daily mental workout with their breakfast, on thei


Most of the clues and answers in a Renaissance crossword puzzle focus on that historical time period. Topics sometimes include art, exploration, science, architecture, literature, religion, government and philosophy of the Renaissance. These crosswords vary in difficulty and are available for childr


The Toronto Sun's "Coffee Break" section features a Sudoku puzzle, a word search and two quizzes. There is no daily crossword included in the newspaper.