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Antique oak furniture is often available for sale on eBay.com and local antique dealers. Private auction houses and estate sales are good places to look for oak furniture from different time periods. Etsy.com has a wide variety of oak furniture for sale from many seller...


The value of an antique wooden ice box depends on several different factors. Specifications, type of wood and the manufacturer name all play a part in determining the value of such an antique, as indicated by Vintage Appliances and Restoration.


An old weathered or painted antique oak dresser can be easily restored with a commercial stripper, sandpaper, rags and stain in a day or less. With a variety of stain colors to choose from, almost any antique piece can be restored and updated to fit into a variety of de...


Antique powder boxes are available for purchase from eBay.com, Etsy.com and VanityCollectibles.com. EBay and Etsy are online marketplaces that allow vintage collectors to sell items to a global audience. Vanity Collectibles lists links to vintage powder boxes that are u...


The value of an antique metal box varies significantly based on factors such as identity, age, condition and rarity. A 2015 listing of metal boxes on the Ruby Lane vintage and antique sales website has prices ranging from under $25 to over $5000.


Antique cigar boxes are collectible. Most cigar boxes are made of wood, the most common being the nailed wood box, which is made by nailing six pieces of wood together.


One way to tell if a porcelain box is an antique is to look for a manufacturer's mark placed on the porcelain under the glaze or paint. Another identifying mark is a particular image or small written logo from antique manufacturers.