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Henry Disston began making saws in Philadelphia in 1840. The #7 was the company's most succesful saw - Image: eBay. As his business grew, he invested in its future by founding the enormous Keystone Saw Works in 1850. From this point on the company was the biggest saw maker in the world, right up until the mid-1950s.


Hand tools are still great for many jobs, and can become even better with these handy hacks and modifications. 12 / 20. Martin J. Donnelly Auctions. Antique Woodworking Tools: Ohio No. 1 C Smoothing Plane. Few plane makers made a No. 1 plane because of its small size — it’s only 5 1/2-inches long. Ohio Tool was the only company to come up ...


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The only use I’ve ever seen for the nib–in practice–is to keep that little saw guard tied on to the plate, and honestly there’s a million other theories. I don’t care if the nib’s there or not.-Joshua Clark has been selling vintage hand tools and related items for over 10 years.


No. 7 rip saw, 28" or longer beech handle, four nuts, rounded top for second hand same as above, but with stout handle No. 8 rip saw, 28" or longer apple handle, four nuts, rounded top for second hand same as No. 8 above, but with stout handle. Scarce variant of an uncommon saw.


Finding and restoring antique hand saws can be extremely satisfying, affordable, and fairly simple when compared to other woodworking hand tools (like hand planes). I love the satisfaction I get from restoring neglected antique saws. Knowing that I am preserving and caring for some craftsman’s special tool makes me happy.


The medallions on Disston saws give the most accurate indication of manufacturing dates for handsaws, panel saws, and backsaws. The first complete timeline of Disston handsaws was written by Pete Taran and published in the Winter 2001 issue of the Fine Tool Journal.His article assigned manufacturing dates to Disston saws, based on the medallions, creating what is called a type study.


Hand Tools. axes and hatchets chisels draw knives drills fixed blade knives ... Vintage and Antique Saws. Related Categories. Auction Alerts. What Stanley is to planes and Keen Kutter is to axes and pocket knives, Disston is to handsaws. Henry Disston began selling saws in 1840, eventually manufacturing everything from crosscut saws, designed ...


Needs identification. Stanley No. 96 Rosewood and Brass level 28 inch ... Old Tool Photos mission is to provide a place for woodworkers and tool collectors to view photos of antique tools for research and reference. ... The focus of this site is woodworking and carpentry hand tools. The tools offered to view on the site will include but are not ...


SAW MEDALLION REFERENCE GUIDE. Saw medallions, or label screws as they are sometimes called, are invaluable for identifying old saws. Additionally, many of them are small works of art in themselves. I don’t know of a comprehensive reference source for saw medallions that covers all makers, so I decided to start one here.