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The common identification marks on antiques are silver hallmarks, foundry marks, maker’s marks, signed bronzes and design registration marks. Other marks are pewter touch marks and engraved signatures on glass.


AntiqueFarmEquipment.com hosts free classified ads for antique farm equipment and has a search engine to find available equipment by machine type and ZIP code. The website's Classified Index lists equipment by type, by location and by most recent. AntiqueFarmEquipment.com is also on social media, wi


Antique farm equipment is available for purchase at AntiqueFarmEquipment.com and Fastline.com. AntiqueFarmEquipment.com has a vast selection of equipment in categories that include garden tractors, disc plows, corn grinders, grain binders and engines. Each category links to a classified ad with a ph


Antique farm equipment for sale is featured at websites such as FarmersBuySell.com. You can also find information about upcoming antique farm equipment shows by subscribing to specialty guides offered at FarmCollector.com. Go to Patented-antiques.com for help with finding specific types of antique f


To identify an antique marble and determine its age, it is important to examine the materials and overall appearance of the marble and assess it closely to determine if it was handmade or machine made. Most marbles from the 1800s were handmade in Germany and imported to the United States. Machine-ma


Antique dental tools range from tooth extracting dental pelicans and dental keys to finger-rotated dental drills and oral specula. The 17th century ushered in more dental sophistication with the advent of a "Douglas Lever," a unique tool that blends elevators with forceps.


As of 2104, one resource for identifying types of flowers online is the Better Homes and Gardens Plant Encyclopedia. To identify a flower type, input the characteristics into the database using the categories provided.


Some basic farm tools are the shovel, hoe, rake, manure spreader and handcart, while a fence-post driver, wire stretcher and fence pliers are necessary for farm fences. Pocket knives, wrenches, screwdrivers, hammers and axes are useful hand tools. Often-used electrical tools include the drill, circu


Some online tools that can help with prescription drug identification include the pill identifiers on Healthline and the American Association of Retired Persons. The U.S Food and Drug Administration also has an email service that can help people identify their prescription pills.


Tools necessary for basic gem identification include tweezers, a 10x loupe, and a pen light or a similar light source. A refractometer, refractive index fluid and a polariscope also help with gem identification.