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The muscles in the anterior compartment of the thigh are innervated by the femoral nerve (L2-L4), and as a general rule, act to extend the leg at the knee joint. There are three major muscles in the anterior thigh – the pectineus, sartorius and quadriceps femoris.


This tutorial covers the muscles of the anterior compartment of the thigh and the innervation and action of these muscles as well as some points on their origin and insertion.


Muscles of the Thigh. ... Muscles of the Lower Limb; Muscles of the Thigh; Muscles in the Anterior Compartment of the Thigh. View Article. Muscles in the Medial Compartment of the Thigh. View Article. Muscles in the Posterior Compartment of the Thigh. View Article. Anatomy Video Lectures. START NOW FOR FREE. TeachMe Anatomy. Part of the TeachMe ...


Pre-lab Exercise: Surface Anatomy of the Thigh and Leg. Lab 15 Primary Lab Objectives: Locate the surface landmarks on the hip, thigh, and leg. Remove the skin from the anterior thigh and leg to the ankle and locate and examine the great saphenous vein. Understand the role of the valves in the veins of the lower limb.


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Nerve supply. The nerve of the anterior compartment of thigh is the femoral nerve. Innervation for the quadriceps muscles come from the posterior division of the femoral nerve, while the anterior division (which contains cutaneous as well as muscular components) gives a lateral and a medial branch, the second being responsible for the innervation of the sartorius muscle.


The thigh muscles don’t just move your legs. They have a lot to do with how your hips move. In clinical anatomy the thigh muscles are divided into three groups: Anterior muscles extend your legs and flex your thighs. Medial muscles adduct and rotate your thigh, and posterior flex your leg and extend your thigh.


Name the compartments of thigh and the nerve that supply muscles of these compartments. Thigh is divided into three muscular compartment. Nerve supplying muscles of anterior compartment of thigh- Femoral Nerve supplying muscles of medial compartment of thigh- Obturator Nerve supplying muscles of posterior compartment of thigh- Sciatic Name the composite muscles of thigh.


At some point above the knee, the sciatic nerve ends by dividing into (1) its anterior component, the tibial nerve, and (2) its posterior component, the common fibular nerve. The tibial nerve runs down the leg between the superficial sheet and deeper sheets of the flexor muscles, sending motor branches to the muscles in both layers.