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Some American National Standards Institute specifications include ladder safety, fall protection safety, construction safety, clothing and equipment safety, and workplace surfaces safety. A new ANSI standard, ANSI/SEA Z308.1-2015, redefines standards for workplace first aid kits and supplies.


To qualify for a Lifeline phone service such as Assurance Wireless, applicants must provide information about what government services they qualify for or produce proof of low income. As of 2015, the Assurance Wireless application uses participation in a number of existing federal programs to determ


ANSI standards for drawings may be found at the official American National Standards Institute website, ANSI.org, by entering the keyword "drawings" on the Web store page. The page offers standards for engineering drawings of all types.


ANSI pipe marking standards are a group of rules released by the American National Standards Institute to provide uniform labels for pipes that allow instant recognition of a pipe's contents. The standards include label colors, sizes and fonts used. The standards are used for industrial, institution


Some types of lifeline equipment include engineered and pre-engineered horizontal lifelines, temporary horizontal lifelines, overhead fixed-track lifelines, dead-weight anchors and vertical lifelines, according to Simplified Safety. Fall arrest system lifelines generally include a fall arrest harnes


Lifeline partners with churches, medical professionals and other organizations to provide screenings at hundreds of locations across the country. Using the "Locations" link on Lifeline's website, users can search screening locations in their area. In large, metropolitan areas, the options are plenti


You can apply for Lifeline services online, depending on which state you live in. Tools are provided on the official Safelink website to help users to determine if applying online is an available option. Even when applying online, you may be required to provide verification documentation.


The California LifeLine program provides discounts on home phone and cellphone services to qualifying low-income individuals and families. The Public Utilities Commission of the California runs the program and publishes the eligibility guidelines on its website.


An American National Standards Institute flange table is a chart that provides information about the flange and bolt sizes for various sizes of pipes manufactured in accordance with ANSI standards. A flange is a rim or collar used to strengthen or join pipes.


As determined by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), there are standard guidelines established for different classes of high-visibility safety vests that are based on specific garment reflectivity needed by workers in an environment where visibility is important. The guidelines, which