The windpipe is called the trachea. It is a narrow tube that allows air to pass from the nose to the lungs. The trachea is divided into two bronchi, and each trachea is attached to the lungs. More »

The United States Senate is sometimes referred to as the "upper house" or "upper body," although there is no constitutional basis for these designations. The two chambers of the U.S. Congress were established as equal la... More »

The scientific name of the butterfly fish is Chaetodontidae. Butterfly fish are marine fish that prefer to live in tropical to subtropical coral reefs. They are brightly colored with elaborate markings. More » Home & Garden Gardening & Landscapes Trees & Bushes

To play the melodica, you have to hold the instrument correctly, blow into the windpipe to produce sound and finger the keys appropriately to sound the right notes. The melodica is a reed wind instrument similar to a har... More » Hobbies & Games Playing Music Musical Instruments

Bronchitis constricts and inflames the bronchial tubes, reducing airflow between the lungs and the trachea, or windpipe, according to Nemours. Tissue lining the bronchial tubes becomes irritated and overproduces mucus, m... More »

The trachea is part of the windpipe providing a passageway for inhaled air from mouth and nostrils to lungs. It constitutes an essential component of a frog's respiratory system and connects the glottis to the lung alveo... More »

When you swallow, a piece of cartilage called the epiglottis closes off the trachea, or windpipe, to prevent food from obstructing your airway, according to The epiglottis flap normally rests in a slightly upr... More »