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Tropical-Rainforest-Animals.com is one of several sites with a large volume of information about rainforest animals around the world. Other comprehensive sites include Rainforestanimals.net and Enchantedlearning.com.


Animals like owls, woodpeckers, jaguars and wolves live in forests. Forest life is some of the most complex on the planet and each animal is important to the ecosystem.


A tropical rain forest is a biome that gets at least 79 inches of rain every year and has a year-round temperature of between 68 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Biologists believe that as many as 30 million species of plants and animals live in tropical rain forests around t...


Tropical islands often harbor invertebrates, such as crabs and insects, as well as a variety of birds. Some tropical islands are even home to reptiles, amphibians or large mammals. The animals that inhabit tropical islands vary based on the island’s location, how far it...


Tropical dry forest plants include the Indio desnuda tree, the acacia tree, the columnar cactus, the palm tree and the caicos plum plant. Plants located in tropical dry forests must store the water that they receive during a short wet season to survive through a long, h...


Universities, such as Cal Tech and the University of Santa Barbara as well as private organizations, including Blue Planet Biome and National Geographic, all have websites dedicated to rain forests. Most include information on both plants and animals.


A wide range of animals live on tropical islands, including monkeys and feral pigs. Sloths and big cats also live on the islands.