The main predators of snowy owls are humans, arctic foxes, jaegers (or skuas), dogs and wolves. Snowy owls may also fight with other raptors such as golden eagles and peregrine falcons for food, and these battles occasio... More »

Primary predators of the beaver include wolves, coyotes, mountain lions and black bears. Other animals that occasionally prey on beavers include foxes, wolverines, lynx, bobcats and alligators. Golden eagles and bald eag... More »

Parrots are small- to medium-sized birds native to the rain-forested areas of the Southern Hemisphere. Parrots' natural enemies include snakes, such as pythons and boa constrictors, eagles, hawks, owls and monkeys, who p... More »

Foxes, jaegers, dogs, wolves and large birds are predators of snowy owls. Many owls are also killed by humans. Snowy owls are very protective of their young, swooping over the nest and attacking predators to insure survi... More »

Great horned owls, martens and wolverines are known predators of juvenile great gray owls, while the Eurasian eagle owl is the only known predator of adults. Such attacks on full-grown birds are rare, as the giant great ... More »

Two predators of the snowy owl are falcons and foxes, but the greatest danger is humans who may hunt the snowy owl for trophies or food, according to the University of Michigan's zoology department. Other threats to snow... More » Pets & Animals Birds Owls

White snow owls are large owls with white plumage that live in the tundra areas of Alaska, Canada and Eurasia. They are also known as Arctic owls, snow owls or great white owls. More » Pets & Animals Birds Owls