The word "carnivore" can refer to one of two things: a predatory animal or mammals that are classified as members of the order Carnivora. Most members of Carnivora are flesh-eating, so listing these animals as examples w... More »

Carnivore animal species include wolves, foxes, bears, lions and tigers. Of all the mammals, only 250 species are carnivores, such as wolverines, hyenas, fur seals, raccoons and sea lions. Carnivores are characterized by... More » Science Biology Zoology

Bears, deer and wolves are examples of omnivores, herbivores and carnivores respectively. Many animals that are considered carnivores, such as foxes, actually eat plants as well. Not only do red foxes eat fruit, but they... More »

An animal that hunts other animals for food is called a carnivore or predator. These animals must kill other smaller animals to feed. Since carnivores must hunt to survive, they use large amounts of energy to obtain thei... More »

Dogs are carnivores in the sense that they are members of Carnivora, a scientific grouping of predatory mammals. The word "carnivore," however, has a primary meaning of an animal that eats flesh. While dogs do eat flesh,... More » Pets & Animals Pets Dogs

The largest group of two-legged animal are birds, but there are a number of bipedal mammals as well, including many primates, kangaroos, wallabies and kangaroo rats. Many dinosaurs were bipedal, and several lizards can b... More »

Cockroaches, like all insects, are members of the animal kingdom and phylum Arthropoda. The approximately 4,600 species of cockroaches belong to the class Insecta and the order Blattodea. More »