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Because of its unique climate, size and ecosystems, Australia is home to an enormous variety of unique and diverse types of animals. These include many unusual mammals, fish, birds, reptiles and other animals that are only found in the wild in Australia. The country is ...


Animals that live in Australia include kangaroos, dingos, wombats and the inland taipan, the world's most venomous snake. Along with New Guinea, the country is also home to the world's only monotremes (mammals that lay eggs), these being the platypus and four species of...


Australia has not adopted an official national animal, but has designated the red kangaroo and the emu as Australia's "native animals." These two species appear on its shield, the Commonwealth Coat of Arms.


Animals native to Germany include game animals, fish and reptiles, wild animals, and birds. Some animals native to the area are now extinct in the wild, but are found in captivity or migrate from neighboring countries.


There are several species of wild native animals in Italy with low populations due to the long time presence of humans, but animals such as marmots, ermine, ibex, rabbits, a small number of bear, a few wolves, lynx, stoat, black grouse, golden eagles and fallow deer can...


Some animals native to Asia include the Siberian tiger, Arabian camel, Asian elephant and giant panda. The dugong, pufferfish, Japan finner whale and harbor seal are all native to the waters of coastal Asia.


Animals that are native to Turkey include the brown bear, wolf, Caucasian lynx, caracal and striped hyena. Leopards are also thought to reside in Turkey, as well as about 400 species of birds.