Haiti is home to rich biodiversity and contains some animals unique to the island, such as the greater bullfrog bat, the sooty mustached bat and the Waterhouse's leaf-nosed bat. The tiburon banded racer and the Haitian p... More »

There are several species of wild native animals in Italy with low populations due to the long time presence of humans, but animals such as marmots, ermine, ibex, rabbits, a small number of bear, a few wolves, lynx, stoa... More »

Some animals that are native to Madagascar include the fossa, dancing sifaka and giraffe weevil. Madagascar is also home to many types of lemurs, including the tiny tot and red ruffed lemur. More »

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Haiti is a small island country that is located in the Caribbean between Cuba and Puerto Rico. Haiti and the Caribbean are located between North and South America, and they are surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and Caribb... More »

There are different types of sports played in Haiti, but football is the most popular and is played by most Haitians. Cards and dominoes are other popular sports, especially among men. Affluent Haitians play tennis, and ... More »

Haiti is a mountainous, tropical island with long coastlines and very rugged terrain. Haiti encompasses the western third of Hispaniola Island in the Caribbean Sea and is primarily made up of two peninsulas separated by ... More »

Port-au-Prince is the capital of Haiti. With its estimated 2012 population of 942,194, it is also Haiti's largest city. Port-au-Prince has been the capital of Haiti since the country's independence in 1804. More »