Common animals in Europe include beavers, gray wolves, roe deer, European starlings and rock pigeons. Many of these animals have similar counterparts in North America that are either native or introduced. Marine animals,... More » Pets & Animals Mammals

Raccoons, opossums, mink, snakes and muskrats are common land predators for crayfish. Catfish and other ray-finned fish such as bass, pickerel and muskie prey on crayfish. Crayfish also eat each other. More » Pets & Animals Marine Life

Many of the animals that live in the taiga biome developed different physical and behavioral adaptations, such as hibernating and developing fur or more layers of feathers to survive in this very cold environment. The Ca... More »

There are 15 invasive species that threaten tundra biomes, according to the Global Invasive Species Database, including Canada geese, dogs, cats, beavers, weasels, sheep, red foxes, European starlings and pine trees. Inv... More »

A porcupine is a rodent that is closely related to both mice and beavers. It is medium sized, weighing between 10 and 28 pounds and growing up to 20 inches long. More » Pets & Animals Mammals

Baby beavers are referred to as kits. Once they reach the 1-year mark, they are sometimes referred to as yearlings. There can be between one and nine kits in each litter. More » Pets & Animals Mammals

The main predators of beavers are dependant on region but include bears, wolves, wolverines, lynx, fishers, otters, coyotes, foxes, bobcats, owls, minks, alligators, weasels, hawks, dogs, mountain lions and eagles. Howev... More »