The ostrich, often called the "dinosaur bird," has eyes that are bigger than its brain. Ostriches also have the largest eye of any animal on Earth, with an eye that measures about 2 inches in diameter. More »

The largest animal ever known to exist is Balaenoptera musculus, commonly known as the blue whale. The blue whale is larger than any dinosaur discovered so far. More » Science Biology Zoology

One pupil can be larger than the other because of an underlying issue, such as syphilis, stroke, brain aneurysm, multiple sclerosis and optical nerve tumor. The use of illicit drugs can also trigger this change, as state... More »

To catch an escaped bird, act quickly to visually locate the bird. Next, place its cage near the area where it escaped, and place bird food or treats inside the cage. Then call the bird to see if it will come to you. More » Pets & Animals Birds

The smallest bird is the Cuban bee hummingbird. The bee hummingbird is scarcely larger than a bumblebee and weighs between .06 and .07 ounces, which is less than a U.S. penny. More » Pets & Animals Birds

The name of a young bird varies by species, so there is no truly unifying term to describe all young birds except in a generic sense. If this is the aim, such terms as nestling, fledgling, hatchling and chick can be appl... More »

Native to Africa, the ostrich is the biggest bird on the planet. Although it cannot fly, the ostrich is an excellent runner and can reach a top speed of 43 miles per hour. More »