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Invest a little time to find out what's eating your plants and what — if anything — t do about it. Varmints aren't always insects Critters like rabbits are just as likely to cause havoc in ...


Every year, I buy flowers for my garden that I know won’t be eaten by the deer and rabbits that frequent my yard from the woods across the street. However, I also like to plant vegetables too. It is always a struggle to keep them from munching on the leaves of my pumpkin plants or squashing my tomatoes before they even have a chance to ripen.


Look for telltale signs: Deer may leave tracks in the soil and make clean snips on herbaceous plants or tear woody plants. Rabbits make sharp cuts on herbaceous and woody plants and may leave pellet droppings. Groundhogs leave large mounds of dirt 10" to 12" in diameter at entrance to their burrows, typically eating greens, not woody shrubs.


Q. Mike: This morning to my surprise I saw a squirrel attack and devour my yellow and red tulips. Do squirrels normally eat tulips? And what can I do about it? Thanks! ---Ron in Cherry Hill, NJ So many of my tulip stems are headless. Is there anything I can do to protect them? I don't know if it's the squirrels or rabbits eating them.


Natural Spray to Keep Animals Away From Vegetable Plants. Vegetable gardens of all sizes can attract unwanted visitors who make your plants their five-course meal. Deer, rodents, raccoons and ...


My garden is positioned between a makeshift greyhound track and a semi busy county road. I've never had a problem with anything eating my plants. My garden is also underneath a streetlight, which might help as well. Eggplant, peppers, chives, oregano and tomatoes probably aren't going to be eaten by rabbits, I don't know about deer.


To help determine what vertebrate animal is causing the damage, sprinkle a layer of finely ground limestone around the damaged plants and look for animal tracks left in the powder the next day. Rabbit damage can be identified by foliage that has been nipped off sharply, leaving no ragged edges.


The most common type of rabbit that eats flower gardens is the Eastern cottontail. If you’re in an area where you have rabbits constantly eating your flower garden, then chances are you could also have recurring problems with deer and other wildlife, as well.


You might think birds come to your garden only to eat other insects from the flower. But that is not the case, birds also eat flowers and plants. Many birds fly by and eat flowers including marigold. Among all the other birds, blackbirds love to eat marigold and fest on them.


What Animal Will Eat Tomato Plants?. Eating sweet, juicy tomatoes fresh off the vine is one of the benefits of growing your own garden. Unfortunately, uninvited guests of the four-legged variety ...