There are many animals whose common names begin with the letter N. Some examples include the narwhal, native cat, Nelson ground squirrel, neotropic cormorant, netted rock dragon and nighthawk. More »

Common lizards feed on insects, such as flies, grasshoppers and spiders, according to the Surrey Amphibian and Reptile Group. They also eat invertebrates, including earthworms, small snails and centipedes. More »

Two things that reptiles and amphibians have in common is that they both have a backbone and they both are primarily cold-blooded animals. The leatherback sea turtle, which is a reptile, is an exception to the cold-blood... More »

A few examples of insectivores include moles, hedgehogs, moonrots, tenrecs and solenodons. Insectivores are a group of about 450 mammals that eat primarily insects, earthworms and arthropods. Although their name implies ... More »

One example of a parent letter is the welcome letter a teacher sends at the beginning of the school year. Another example is a weekly or monthly newsletter written to parents to chronicle what has been covered in class a... More »

The Lewis dot structure for CH2N2, the chemical formula for diazomethane, can be written with a C in the center, with two separate lines connecting the C to two Hs and one double line connected to an N. A second double l... More » Science Chemistry Chemical Equations

Veterinary Pet Insurance lists Bella, Max, Chloe, Oliver and Lucy as some of the most popular cat names of 2014. Other preferred names include Charlie, Lily, Sophie, Tiger and Shadow. VPI collects and releases its custom... More » Pets & Animals Pets Cats