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Bengal tigers are apex predators and are at the top with no natural predator (except cubs can be threatened bey other animals) they are at the top of the food chain. (humans are not natural predators


Home / Pets & Animals / Marine Life / What Eats Killer Whales? What Eats Killer Whales? By Staff Writer Last Updated Mar 26, 2020 3:52:35 PM ET. The killer whale is a top-level predator and has no natural enemies. However, diseased or injured killer whales may fall prey to other top-level predators of the sea.


For those reasons, adult rhinos have no real natural predators—except, sadly, humans. Due to demand for those horns in Asia, rhinos are among the most endangered animals on earth, with the ...


FOR MEN OF UNDERSTANDING - III (CAMOUFLAGE IN THE NATURE) http://www.harunyahya.com The tiger which is perfectly camouflaged, with its agility, powerful jaw,...


No list of tough animals would be complete without a raptor, and our national symbol is the biggest and baddest raptor of them all. ... Bonus fact: They have no natural enemies, except for makers ...


So we cannot say that there are animals which have no natural enemies. 1 0. Devai. 1 decade ago. Lions elephants etc have natural enemies. From a Nature standpoint, all animal life has natural enemies, even humans. So I guess you want to know what species are no longer threatened by such enemies normally.


Predators will often seek the weak, injured, or sickly animals of a herd – and this allows the healthy ones to escape and thrive. Natural Predators of the Mustang in North America. Even though most large predators don’t waste their time with wild horses, they still pose a threat to the American Mustang.


Five Predators of Moose 1. Grizzly Bears Moose are such large animals that they have very few natural predators in the wild. One of the few animals that is a natural predator to the moose is the grizzly bear. Grizzly bears are one of the few animals that can rival a moose in size and strength.


Some animals such as zebras have to protect themselves against both their enemies and extreme weather. Some large animals such as elephants do not have natural enemies. However, they still have to protect themselves from their hot weather in their habitat to stay alive. During a drought, they have to move to new habitats to find water and food.


Human's do not have any natural predators. Obviously there are animals that will attack humans, but the reason for this is to defend their territory, offspring, etc. There are no animals that depend on humans as a source of food (i.e. the definition of a natural predator)