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Carnivorous & Omnivorus dinosaurs\\animals with no natural enemies and reside at the top of the food chain. Peytoia and Hurdia are not Apex predators.


Feb 3, 2019 - Some animals have no natural enemies. They are at the very top of the food chain. These animals often live longer as they will die…


The thing that makes wolves — and lions and crocodiles and bears and killer whales — so terrifying is that they're apex predators: killing machines with no natural enemies. With the exception, of course, of us. An armed human is great at killing whatever it wants. And we often do.


Almost every animal has natural enemies in the form of parasites (see Carl Zimmer's book "Parasite Rex" for some chilling examples).As far as a lack of full-on enemies though, those might include... Komodo dragon Hippopatamus Blue whale


Elephant Predators. Most people find it extremely interesting that elephants are classified as having no natural enemies. However, that doesn’t mean they are always safe out there in the wild. They can become prey to many animals including lions and tigers. This is mainly though if one of them is weak or very young.


Killer whales are humpbacks’ natural enemies, and the two species do not normally intermingle. Nor were the humpbacks, who eat only tiny shrimp and fish, joining in the hunt. No, by all ...


Another of our quokka facts reveals that they have absolutely no fear of human beings whatsoever. They have so few natural enemies and have been isolated for so long that they rarely run away from bigger animals – which is yet another reason why they are at risk.


The stealthy snow leopards have no predators throughout their natural habitats. They can kill animals larger than their size. The diet of snow leopards includes Himalayan blue sheep and argali. Snow leopards and solitary animal, which means they come together only during mating season. They mostly become active at dawn and dusk.


Some animals such as zebras have to protect themselves against both their enemies and extreme weather. Some large animals such as elephants do not have natural enemies. However, they still have to protect themselves from their hot weather in their habitat to stay alive. During a drought, they have to move to new habitats to find water and food.


Some even animals eat roaches as part of their everyday diet and routine. Does anything eat cockroaches? Cockroaches can be a healthy and a full protein diet for some of the animals that feed on roaches on a regular basis. Cockroaches have many natural predators like spiders, frogs, geckos, and many others.