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Bats are commonly preyed upon by other nocturnal animals such as owls and hawks who can fly silently undetected and capture them while still in flight. Snakes are also another well-camouflaged predator of fruit-eating bats.


The natural enemies of mongooses are snakes, hawks, jackals and storks. While mongooses are known for their fearless attacks on snakes, particularly cobras, they are not immune to their venom. Jackals, hawks and other raptors are enemies that share the mongoose's habitat. Marabou storks are opportun


The main predators of snowy owls are humans, arctic foxes, jaegers (or skuas), dogs and wolves. Snowy owls may also fight with other raptors such as golden eagles and peregrine falcons for food, and these battles occasionally prove fatal.


Tigers are apex predators and have no natural enemies. Human-related activities such as poaching, habitat fragmentation and habitat destruction remain the biggest threats to the existence of tigers worldwide.


King cobras do not have many natural predators, but they can be prey for mongooses, some large birds of prey and human beings, according to SnakeType.com. The primary defense mechanism of the king cobra is to raise up the front portion of the body and sway toward the threat with the hood displayed.


Besides humans, the blue whale's enemies are killer whales and large sharks. Adult blue whales are much larger than any individual killer whale or shark, so these animals tend to attack calves. Few creatures are capable of subduing a healthy adult blue whale, which is the largest creature on earth.


Spider-Man has had many enemies in his comic book and movie career, such as Doctor Octopus and the Green Goblin. The complete list is often referred to as the "rogue's gallery," according to Comic Vine.


The enemies of lions include elephants, buffalo and hyena. Humans and nature are also enemies of the lion and other big cat populations.


Animals such as various shore birds, seals and raccoons are enemies to crabs because they like to eat them. Other animals that eat crabs and are considered enemies are vultures, eagles, otters, tortoises and even other larger crabs.


Coyotes are not apex predators and do have enemies. Wolves often drive away or kill coyotes that invade their territory, so coyotes tend to avoid areas where wolves live. Farmers and ranchers often regard coyotes as a nuisance and actively exterminate coyotes, and some people hunt coyotes for recrea