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The same insects that might make your skin crawl represent a tasty meal for a number of mammal species. A few mammals prey exclusively on insects, while others have varied diets that also include plant matter and even fellow vertebrates. In some cases, such mammals provide a useful service to humans by controlling the ...


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An insectivore is a carnivorous plant or animal that eats insects. An alternative term is entomophage, which also refers to the human practice of eating insects.. The first insectivorous vertebrates were amphibians.When they evolved 400 million years ago, the first amphibians were piscivores, with numerous sharp conical teeth, much like a modern crocodile.


We all know the basics of the food chain: plants eat sunlight, animals eat plants, and bigger animals eat smaller animals. In the world of nature, though, there are always exceptions, as evidenced by plants that attract, trap, and digest animals (mostly insects, but also the occasional snail, lizard, or even small mammal).


Yes, animals and insects do eat peppermint. Peppermint is considered safe for most animals and insects, but it is also used as a deterrent in gardens for pests like mosquitoes and mice. share:


A variety of insects can damage wood. Some of them actually eat the wood, while others destroy it when they burrow into the wood to create nests. Small holes or sawdust on the surface of the wood can indicate damage by insects, but in some cases, damage isn’t visible to the naked eye.


A bird is a herbivore! * Some birds eat insects. I think birds are omnivores. So if the bird eats vegetation they are primary consumers if they eat animal food (insects, meat) they are secondary ...


an animal or plant that eats insects. omnivore noun. ... Free thesaurus definition of words for animals according to what they eat from the Macmillan English Dictionary - a free English dictionary online with thesaurus and with pronunciation from Macmillan Education.


Bugs, if you mean Insects in the context, is a Major Food source for many animals including Humans. Insects are a rich source of Protein and majority of Birds have them on their Menu. There are some animals like the Ant-eaters, specialized and evo...


You can also try organic animal repellents that use non-toxic ingredients to deter the deer before they get close enough to get a taste. Insects. Several insects will make snacks of your Hosta plants. Unfortunately, unless you catch them in the act, it is extremely difficult to discern exactly which type (or types) are doing the deed.