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Enemies of pigs throughout the world include eagles, hawks, tigers, pythons, hyenas, lions, leopards and wolves. Piglets in addition to adult pigs are targets for these carnivores.


Mountain lions and black bears are among the more common enemies of horses. The large size of horses makes them less appealing to other predators, and they rely on their running speed and herding mentality to flee from danger. Predators typically seek out sick or wounded horses in the herd.


Primary predators of the beaver include wolves, coyotes, mountain lions and black bears. Other animals that occasionally prey on beavers include foxes, wolverines, lynx, bobcats and alligators. Golden eagles and bald eagles sometimes attack beaver young.


A snake's enemies include birds, raccoons, coyotes, mongooses, turtles, crocodiles and many other animals. Some snakes are even eaten by other snakes.


Deer encounter a number of different predators depending on their habitat. Animal diversity in the wilderness exposes deer to a number of predators, including black bears, feral hogs, coyotes, wolves, bobcats and other larger, carnivorous animals. Deer living near humans face danger from hunters dur


Tigers are apex predators and have no natural enemies. Human-related activities such as poaching, habitat fragmentation and habitat destruction remain the biggest threats to the existence of tigers worldwide.


Bats are commonly preyed upon by other nocturnal animals such as owls and hawks who can fly silently undetected and capture them while still in flight. Snakes are also another well-camouflaged predator of fruit-eating bats.


The enemies of lions include elephants, buffalo and hyena. Humans and nature are also enemies of the lion and other big cat populations.


According to LiveScience, the only natural enemies of alligators 4 feet or larger are other alligators. Before reaching this size, young alligators are preyed upon by raccoons, bobcats and wading birds, among other animals. Human-related activities, such as poaching and territorial encroachment, rem


Animals such as various shore birds, seals and raccoons are enemies to crabs because they like to eat them. Other animals that eat crabs and are considered enemies are vultures, eagles, otters, tortoises and even other larger crabs.