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The LA DOC - Louisiana State Penitentiary is a state prison located at 17544 Tunica Trace in Angola, LA in West Feliciana Parish County. This State - maximum security prison is operated by the Louisiana Department of Corrections to hold inmates who have been convicted to and sentenced for a crime in Louisiana.


Louisiana offers an "Offender Locator" system that allows citizens to locate a prisoner within the Department of Corrections system, including Angola prison inmates. One must know the convict's DOC number or the prisoner's name and date of birth to access information regarding the facility, contact phone number and release date.


The Louisiana State Penitentiary (known as Angola, and nicknamed the "Alcatraz of the South", "The Angola Plantation" and "The Farm") is a maximum-security prison farm in Louisiana operated by the Louisiana Department of Public Safety & Corrections. It is named "Angola" after the former plantation that occupied this territory.


Louisiana Inmate Search, Department of Corrections(DOC) And inmate locator free service. More lists of county jail, prison, sheriff, correctional facility and jail roster in LA. Louisiana Department Of Corrections And Inmate Search Service


Inmates in state prison enjoy certain privileges such as TV use and recreation, both indoor and outdoor. The number of privileges allowed depends on the security level of the prison, the inmate and the overall needs of the prison on a specific day. Louisiana has minimum, medium and maximum security prisons.


Louisiana State Penitentiary Louisiana State Penitentiary is located in Angola Louisiana. It is the only fully maximum security institution in the state, housing over 6,300 adult males, over 85% of which are violent offenders. In addition, over half of the inmates in this prison are serving life sentences.


The Louisiana Department of Corrections does not publish an updated list of inmates, but it does provide a database of offenders in custody that allows searching for individuals by name or identification number. Inmates incarcerated at Angola State Prison are listed under the Louisiana State Penitentiary.


It’s a long list of things that makes Angola Prison aka Louisiana State Penitentiary the most photographed prison in the United States. Top of that list is the fact of the prison rodeo . Add Jana Asenbrennerova to the list of the many photographers who’ve been there before .


Family and friends of offenders assigned to the custody of the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections -- Corrections Services can locate the offender by calling the Offender Locator. Individuals, using a touch tone or cell phone, may call 225-383-4580 to access the Offender Locator system 24 hours a day .


Angola Prison (Louisiana State Penitentiary) is the state’s maximum security prison. An 18,000 acre former slave plantation, Angola is the size of Manhattan. At the time of my visit, Angola was “home” to 5,400 men, over 4,500 of whom will die within its razor wire.