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According to TattooMeNow, a baby angel tattoo is a symbol for God's messengers. Baby angel tattoos are often used as memorial tributes and are sometimes designed in the form of Cupid.


According to the About.com's Tattoo and Body Piercing expert, images of tattoos are found at tattoo parlors. The images of angels and other tattoos are located on display walls throughout the parlor.


Angel tattoos can be found on the Tattoo Easily and All Cool Tattoos websites and by conducting a simple image search in Google. This form of body art can be intricate or abstract in nature. Angel tattoos often serve as symbols of divine protection.


Cuded and Tattoo Johnny feature a number of angel tattoo designs. The body art includes angels holding a rosary, donning a halo or folding their hands in prayer.


Tattoos of baby boy angels can be memorials, symbols of love or even religious. Baby boy angel tattoos are typically done in somber tones if they are memorials. However, the style of any angel tattoo varies widely.


Angel wing back tattoos are tattoos on the back depicting large feathered wings, sometimes covering the entire back. Typically, these tattoos are worn by women.


Koi fish tattoos represent good fortune and luck. However, different cultures pull different meanings from the Japanese carp, depending on various factors such as color.