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Nausea, dry mouth, vomiting, sore throat, shivering, sleepiness, mild hoarseness and pain are side effects of anesthesia following surgery, according to the Mayo Clinic. The probability of any of these side effects occurring depends on the type of surgery involved and the patient's condition. Doctor


Amnesia, confusion, disorientation and difficulty thinking clearly are normal side effects of general anesthesia, reports WebMD. Other minor effects, such as nausea, vomiting, sore throat or hoarseness, are common, but damage to the mouth or teeth caused by the breathing tube insertion during the pr


The potential side effects of anesthesia include nausea and vomiting, hypothermia, and impaired judgment or coordination, according to John Hopkins Medicine. Some patients may feel weak and tired for a few days, while others may experience blurred vision and dizzy thinking.


The majority of cataract surgeries are performed with a local anesthetic or with a topical anesthetic, according to WebMD. These types of anesthetics may be used in the form of eye drops, or it may be injected inside of, next to or underneath the eye in order to numb nerves or to prevent the eye fro


Common side effects of anesthesia, such as nausea and vomiting, should not prolong a hospital stay, as they do not last long, and medication can treat them, reports Johns Hopkins Medicine. While experiencing after effects such as impaired judgment and coordination, patients can go home but should no


After brain surgery, a patient may feel worse than before surgery as the brain is still readjusting. Other symptoms include weakness, poor balance and speech problems, states Cancer Research UK.


The side effects from stomach surgery include bleeding, heartburn, nausea, diarrhea and abdominal pain, says the American Cancer Society. The patient may need to take supplemental vitamins if parts of the stomach that produce vitamins are removed.


Some possible side effects of bladder surgery include urination difficulties, urinary tract infections, an overactive bladder and painful intercourse, explains Mayo Clinic. There are complications as well, such as the possibility that the material used in the surgery erodes or infection sets into th


Dizziness and fatigue are side effects of general anesthesia considered normal several days after surgery, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine. A condition affecting mental functions called postoperative cognitive decline has also been reported days and even weeks after surgery, states AnesthesiaMyt


Physical side effects of hysterectomies potentially include injury to organs near the uterus, blood clots, infection, pain during intercourse and anesthesia-related problems, including breathing or heart complications, according to Everyday Health. If doctors remove the ovaries along with the uterus