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Family was deeply important to Andrew Jackson. He, having been an orphan himself, became the guardian and father to many children despite fathering none of his own. Jackson deeply cared for his wife, provided abundant opportunities for his children to succeed and defended his family honor in nearly everything he did.


Rachel Jackson (née Donelson; June 15, 1767 – December 22, 1828) was the wife of Andrew Jackson, the 7th President of the United States. She lived with him at their home at The Hermitage, where she died just days after his election and before his inauguration in 1829—therefore she never served as First Lady, a role assumed by her niece, Emily Donelson.


Rachel Jackson: Rachel Jackson, wife of U.S. Army general and president-elect Andrew Jackson, who became the seventh president of the United States (1829–37). She died shortly before his inauguration. During her marriage to Jackson, she was the object of malicious rumors, and he killed a man in a duel for impugning her reputation.


In 1828 Jackson ran again. This time he won the election, despite his opponents attacking him in many personal ways including attacks on his wife, Rachel. Rachel died a few weeks before Jackson's inauguration and he blamed her death partially on his opponent's accusations. Andrew Jackson's Presidency


Rachel Jackson was the wife of US President Andrew Jackson. Smears about her honor became a major issue in her husband's 1828 election campaign, and even today the facts of the matter remain somewhat muddled, but she is known to have married Lewis Robards, a wealthy Kentucky man, when she was 17 ...


Children: Two adopted sons: Andrew Jackson, Jr. born, December 04, 1808 in Davidson, Tennessee, died 17 April, ... Emily Donelson accompanied Andrew and Rachel Jackson to Washington ,D.C.where the presidential race in which Jackson was a candidate would be resolved by the U.S. House of Representatives. ... the wife of Jackson's opponent John ...


Andrew Jackson Jr. and his wife Sarah had eleven grandchildren; two through their son Andrew Jackson III and nine from their daughter Rachel. Only one of Andrew Jackson III’s sons had children, therefore the number of Jackson descendants with the “Jackson” surname is very limited. View Jackson's family tree


Marquis James’s Pulitzer Prize-wining Life of Andrew Jackson (1938) called Old Hickory the “ideal slave-owner” who shared a “genuine and reciprocal attachment” with his slaves. Even Robert V. Remini, who was widely regarded as the preeminent Jackson-era historian prior to his death in 2013, fell victim to perpetuating Hannah’s image.


Sarah Yorke Jackson, the wife of Andrew Jackson Jr., became co-hostess of the White House in 1834. It was the only time in history when two women simultaneously acted as unofficial First Lady. Sarah took over all hostess duties after Emily died from tuberculosis in 1836.


Andrew Jackson had 2 adopted kids. One was an Indian boy and the other was Rachel's nephew. ----- Andrew and Rachel had no children of their own, but they took care of many homeless children.