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Andre Rieu has been married for more than 40 years. Source: Getty (left) and My Music, My Life / André Rieu Productions (right). He is known for his breathtaking and passionate performances on ...


Andre Rieu and his family. This is a picture from 1995, it is 12 years old. It was taken for an article in a Dutch magazine. Since that time there have not been any publicity pictures of Marjorie. Only pictures taken by paparazzi for tabloid magazines or by fans who recognized her.


André Rieu's Personal Life. Rieu, 68, is a married man. He married Majorie Rieu in 1975. They have already celebrated four decades of their marriage relationship. His wife works as a full-time production manager for him. He currently resides in a 15th-century castle in Maastricht, the Netherlands with his wife and children.


If you've read the book on Andre, I would say we're all lucky that Andre married Marjorie, whom was working hard to make money so Andre could follow his dreams, or there wouldn't be THE Andre Rieu we so love today! 23 January, 2014 ... André Rieu: When my wife drags me off the stage, I will stop!! Star violinist André Rieu, tells for the ...


Interview With André Rieu and Wife Marjorie on "De klassieken" ... André Rieu What His Wife Reveals About Their Marriage She loves the sound of Waltzes and would dance to the music the rest of... Merry Christmas From John and Sue! ... ♦Video Andre Rieu His Orchestra, Choir and The Maastrichterstaar


André Rieu has been married to his wife, Marjorie Rieu, for 40 years (as he told us in an exclusive Valentine's Day video – link below). She rarely appears in public with André and once said in an interview that she doesn't want to be defined by her husband.


Andre was born in Maastricht, Netherland to another conductor, Andre Leon Rieu Sr.He married his wife Marjorie in 1975. It is also said that the couple met each other at a mere age of 15 and 13 respectively.


Father of Marc Rieu (born on November 1, 1978) and Pierre Rieu. Mother is wife Marjorie Kochmann. Is a violinist, conductor and composer. Personal Quotes (32) We should make decisions in life with our hearts, not our brains, not only in music but in daily life.


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