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Benefits of Andersen sliding patio doors include door design flexibility, choice of wood colors and finishes, energy efficiency and custom sizing, as of 2015. Some designs offer four door panels instead of the normal two panels. Andersen sliding patio doors operate on b...


Two-panel patio doors are generally either 82.5 or 94.5 inches high, and come in four standard widths: 59 inches, 71 inches, 82.5 inches, and 94.5 inches. This style of patio door includes both right-sliding and left-sliding varieties.


Covering the door with a blanket is a good quick fix to prevent air flow from the sliding glass door. It is only a temporary solution.


To install a lock for a sliding patio door, close the door flush with its frame, place the lock in the appropriate position on the door, and drill the required number of holes in the door. Then, screw the lock in position using the holes, and install the bolts and the c...


To measure the width and height dimensions of a sliding patio door, remove the casing and use a measuring tape. Measuring is a simple project requiring only a few basic tools.


Locks for sliding patio doors can be purchased online from hardware store websites such those of Home Depot and Lowe's, as well as from online-only retailers such as Amazon. Internet auction sites also sell various sliding patio door locks and accessories, many of which...


People choose vinyl sliding patio doors because they are low on maintenance, cheaper than other sliding door types, provide security and flexible styling features and are energy efficient. Additionally, such doors are long-lasting and have a good replacement value.