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Benefits of Andersen sliding patio doors include door design flexibility, choice of wood colors and finishes, energy efficiency and custom sizing, as of 2015. Some designs offer four door panels instead of the normal two panels. Andersen sliding patio doors operate on ball-bearing rollers, which gli


Measure the desired door, then mark off an area of the wall the same size as the door. Extend these marks slightly, keeping the frame in mind. Remove the interior wall, insulation and any electrical wiring. Install the patio door frame, then use a circular saw, hammer and chisel to remove the exteri


Patio doors should be measured from the inside surface of the studs surrounding the doors. Both horizontal and vertical measurements are necessary, covering the top and bottom of the doors as well as both sides. After getting the measurements, use the shortest horizontal and vertical measurements fo


The standard size for a patio door depends on the style, with hinged versions measuring 71 1/4 inches by 79 1/2 inches and sliding door versions available in three basic sizes. Patio doors are typically available in two- and four-panel configurations.


Most Andersen patio doors offered through The Home Depot cost about $250, as of October 2015. However, some doors sell as low as $200 and as high as $3,000. Other companies carrying Andersen products, such as Kelly Bros. Home and Design Center, charge different prices for the brand's patio doors.


A unique design can be achieved with one of three styles of patio door and a personalized window treatment. One of the more popular patio door styles is a French door treatment.


To repair a patio door screen, take the handle off the screen, take the spline and screen out of the frame, and take the rollers out. Set the new screen in place using a convex roller to push the screen into the groove of the frame. Set the spline in place using a concave roller, and cut off the exc


Lowe's sells a variety of patio screen doors in a number of sizes and colors, as of 2015. Some have built-in pet doors, while others are made for sliding glass doors.


Patio door handles are available online at Lowes.com and at WindowDoorParts.com as of March of 2015. Both websites offer a large variety of sliding door handles in a number of different styles.


Some ideas for patio door window treatments include sheer panels, side-mounted panels, valances and fabric sliders. Roman shades and blinds are also ideas to take into consideration depending on the amount of traffic through the door.