The climate of ancient China varied from scorching and humid summers in some places to extreme cold and and freezing temperatures in the highlands. The terrain and diverse topographical features of the country contribute... More »

Due to the vast land area and highly diverse topography, the climate in China is highly varied. The different climates in China include tropical in the southern part to subarctic in the extreme north. The Tibetan highlan... More »

The climate in China varies depending on the season and the region. The climate can be freezing with mountains covered in snow during certain months, while in other regions it can be dry and humid, depending on the time ... More » Geography Asia East Asia

Peasants in ancient China were mostly farmers and merchants. Farmers were respected for the food they supplied to the nation, but merchants were considered especially lowly and were prohibited from wearing silk or riding... More »

Both rich and poor people in Ancient China lived in houses that were constructed primarily with pounded earth and timber framing in areas where wood was not scarce. Many poor people lived in homes made entirely of pounde... More »

The prodigious land area of ancient China harbored resources like coal, drinking water, numerous minerals and plant and animal life. China is the biggest producer of salt on Earth, with 17 million tons annually. There ar... More »

Ancient China traded with a number of countries, including Korea and Japan. China also traded with various African and European countries. More »