The pancreas is a flat, J-shaped organ that is wider on the right and tapers to the left and is located behind the stomach, according to LiveScience. It is responsible for producing insulin, glycogen and enzymes that aid... More » Science Human Anatomy Organs

A detailed image of the pancreas is available at This website hosts an image of the anatomy of the pancreas that includes both the common bile duct and pancreatic duct. The image illustrates the location... More » Science Human Anatomy Organs

The pancreas is deep in the back of the abdominal cavity. Part of it is between the spine and the stomach and part of it is in the curve of the duodenum, which is the lowest part of the stomach or the highest part of the... More » Science Human Anatomy Glands & Hormones

The pancreas is a small organ located behind the stomach in the abdomen and functions as a digestive organ and an endocrine organ. In the digestive system, the pancreas helps break down food. In the endocrine system, the... More »

The organs found in the left upper quadrant are the left sections of the liver and kidney, adrenal gland, spleen, stomach, pancreas, colon's splenic flexure and lower portion of the colon. The left upper quadrant is the ... More »

The human heart is composed of four chambers: two on top, called the atria, and two on bottom called the ventricles, according to LiveScience. The atria receive deoxygenated blood from the body, and the ventricles pump o... More »

The pancreas is the organ responsible for producing insulin in the human body. The pancreas is located near the midsection of the body by the stomach. More »