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The organ that is behind the belly button is the small intestine. It is part of the body's digestive system. Partially digested food from the stomach enters into the small intestine via the pyloric valve.


The navel (clinically known as the umbilicus, colloquially known as the belly button, or tummy button) is a protruding, flat, or hollowed area on the abdomen at the attachment site of the umbilical cord. All placental mammals including humans have a navel.


Best Answer: Here are the layers: Skin Fat Abdominal muscles Intestines (not sure if your navel is exactly over large or small) Aorta and vena cava Spine Fat Skin It is not likely that anything is wrong. It could be some gas pain or maybe a strained muscle. If you develop a fever or if the pain becomes ...


Is the belly button connected on the inside? What is it connected to? ... Biology Is your belly button connected to anything on the inside? And if so, will it be "anchored" in the same spot if you gain weight? ... With anatomy you can always go deeper, describe each structure by it's sub-parts and that may well be influenced by its ...


The umbilical cord drops off a baby's belly button after birth. What happens on the inside is far more fascinating. I've always wondered: what's behind the belly button?


what's directly behind your navel, organwise, anyways? i'm thinking just the intestines, but a guy i knew said he heard one could kill themselves by stabbing themself in the belly button. he was probably just full of crap though.


The majority of Western medicine practitioners state the the belly button is not connected to anything. This is incorrect. The belly button, also known as the navel or umbilicus, is in fact connected to other parts of the body. The umbilical chord connects the fetus to the mother during it's development in the womb.


Pain in your belly button should not be ignored. It is the body’s way of letting you know that there is something wrong. In most cases, the belly button pain is intermittent and dull.You may feel the pain around belly button when pressed. For sharp and recurring pain, it is essential to contact your doctor


Navel, also called umbilicus, plural umbilici, or umbilicuses, in anatomy, a small depression in the abdominal wall at the point of attachment of the umbilical cord (q.v.).It indicates the point through which the mammalian fetus obtained nourishment from its mother through the blood vessels of the umbilical cord.


Sometimes it preclude the sudden and drastic shift from constipation to diarhea, which is almost always food triggered. That being at least in part due to the emptying of the gall bladder when certain foods enter the stomach. But the pain below the belly button, I do not believe would be the gallbladder itself.