The disadvantages of an absolute monarchy are many and include the absence of democratic processes, the monarch's lack of accountability, the difficulty in changing internal aspects of the government and the excess of fa... More »

Absolute monarchy is an archaic form of rule that has many pros and cons. In an absolute monarchy, the king or queen has total power. The government, if one exists, has no real influence and merely advises the monarch an... More »

The benefits of an absolute monarchy include the ability to raise people to rule, provide stable leadership, create swift change and the inability of the leader to blame others for his or her ruling. In the modern world ... More » History Modern History

The disadvantages of a monarchy include an absence of democratic legitimacy, lack of democratic liability, difficulty of internal change and lack of democratic accountability. A monarchy invests a significant amount of a... More »

A national monarchy is a monarchy that controls all aspects of leadership of a country, including the government and religion. Not all monarchies are national monarchies. More »

Robert Wilde explains on that a monarchy works by investing complete sovereignty in one person, called the monarch, who is the head of state. A monarch holds this position until death or abdication. More »

Some of the positive aspects of having a monarchy include its symbolic role that can generate tourism and having a figurehead that represents all people and having someone who can halt laws. The negative aspects of havin... More »