Amerigo Vespucci was an Italian navigator and explorer who played a large role in the discovery and exploration of South America. The continents of North and South America are named after him. More » History Modern History Exploration & Imperialism

The governments of Spain and Portugal sponsored Amerigo Vespucci's voyages to the New World. The Spanish monarchy sponsored his first voyages in the 1490s, during which he discovered parts of South America, and the Portu... More »

Amerigo Vespucci explored for both the Spanish and the Portuguese governments. Though historians debate if he actually made all the voyages attributed to him, they agree that he sailed for both countries at least one tim... More » History Modern History Exploration & Imperialism

Amerigo Vespucci became an explorer because his education and background fitted him for the position of navigator on Spanish and Portuguese voyages to the New World. Additionally, while working with a ship supplier he he... More »

Amerigo Vespucci was the first explorer to reach continental lands in the Americas when he discovered the Amazon River and the sites of today's Rio de la Plata and Rio de Janeiro, and he gave South America the name "the ... More »

Portuguese explorer Amerigo Vespucci went from the coast of Guyana to the Amazon River and, on his second voyage, south from Brazil. His other routes are unverified due to conflicting accounts. During his travels, he dis... More »

Amerigo Vespucci explored the world for Spain and Portugal during the late 15th century and early 16th century. The precise amount of his exploration is controversial. Some researchers believe that letters supposedly wri... More »