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The Declaration of Independence is a summary of grievances against the King of England and an outline of basic rights granted to U.S. citizens. The Declaration of Independence also functioned as an official announcement that the 13 colonies were to be regarded as sovereign states. This document was


The Latin American Wars of Independence were precipitated by racism and the class system, Napoleon's 1808 invasion of Spain and the impending political chaos this created. People from the privileged aristocracy in particular sought political self-governance in the early 19th century.


The biggest impact of the Latin American Wars for Independence was freedom from Spanish rule and national sovereignty for former Spanish colonies in Latin America, including the countries now known as Venezuela, Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Argentina, Paraguay, Chile, Uruguay and Peru. These wars for


The American Revolution was a war for independence by the American colonies against Great Britain. It began in 1775 and lasted until 1783, with the Americans winning the war. According to historians, the British had the superior army. However, the Americans benefited from the excellent leadership of


The Cold War was a period of heightened military and political tensions between the United States and its allies on one side and the Soviet Union and its allies on the other. Both superpowers engaged in a variety of contests against each other, including military brinkmanship and proxy wars in small


There were several factors that came together to keep the British from winning the War of Independence, including the size of the colonies, no centralized capital for them to take over and the guerrilla tactics that the Revolutionists adopted to use the advantage of the terrain and countryside in th


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Independence is fundamental for success, boosts confidence, reduces over-reliance on others, promotes happiness, increases sense of accomplishment and promotes better decision-making. Independence is important for organisms to function effectively in the world.


Examples of being independent include being able to think for oneself, earning money to take care of one's basic needs, tending to one's physical health and overall wellness and knowing how to stay safe. Having one's own mode of transportation is another example of being independent.


In Season 3 of “The Americans,” Elizabeth and Phillip decide to bring their daughter Paige in on the secrets of their espionage and false identities. Meanwhile, Elizabeth and Phillip find it increasingly difficult to cope with moral consequences of their undercover work. Elsewhere, Stan attempts to