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Remove the tank lid and perform a visual inspection of the toilet flush valve to start addressing any issues or problems the toilet may be having. Adjust the flapper or tension chain to ensure the flush valve is able to form an effective seal. Drain the toilet tank and ...


American Standard produces four different types of flush valves: toilet flush valves, urinal flush valves, automatic flush valves and low flow flush valves. Models are available for its Afwall Millennium, Clean, FloWise, Madera Toilet and Selectronic toilet collections....


A flush valve releases water from the toilet tank and into the bowl. The flush valve has a flapper that creates a water tight seal. This helps the toilet retain water until it is flushed.


New York Replacement Parts Corporation, Plumbingsupply.com and Korky Toilet repair are three retail locations where Crane toilet flush valves can be purchased. All three locations are online retailers.


Flushing toilets use gravity and an increase in the height of water in the bowl when the user activates the flush valve to move water and waste through an "S-bend" into a drain pipe and out of the home. These simple devices have relatively few moving parts and, in most ...


Low-flow toilet models work as well or better than models that use up to seven gallons of water per flush. An evaluation program performed jointly between the U.S. and Canada proves how well low-flow toilets really work.


The toilet flush valve on Kohler toilet brands is in the center of the toilet fill tank. The valve comprises five different components, including the lift rod or chain, a trip lever, flapper, flush valve seat and overflow pipe.