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American Standard produces four different types of flush valves: toilet flush valves, urinal flush valves, automatic flush valves and low flow flush valves. Models are available for its Afwall Millennium, Clean, FloWise, Madera Toilet and Selectronic toilet collections....


To troubleshoot zone valves, start by checking the power head and then the manual lever. If this isn't the cause of the issue, replace the valve assembly. If this troubleshooting does not work, professional assistance is necessary.


A flush valve releases water from the toilet tank and into the bowl. The flush valve has a flapper that creates a water tight seal. This helps the toilet retain water until it is flushed.


Troubleshooting gas valves includes checking for coil burnout, failure to open, failure to close and valve noise. Other steps involve checking the connection to the valve, direction of the pilot flame and adjustment of the screw to the pilot frame.


The American Standard Champion flush valve has a diameter of 4 inches, whereas the industry standard is 2 inches. A larger flush valve translates into more force and speed during each flush for potentially more efficient evacuation of the bowl.


To troubleshoot any toilet in need of repair, first identify the problem with the toilet, checking for the most serious problems first. Check for water along the base of the toilet. This determines whether there is a leak in the tank or the outflow pipe. Leaks from the ...


To repair a urinal flush valve, empty the tank, then, if needed, reconnect the disconnected chain or strap to the flapper valve. If necessary, clean the flush valve or apply the flusher fixer kit to repair the flush valve.