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American Standard produces four different types of flush valves: toilet flush valves, urinal flush valves, automatic flush valves and low flow flush valves. Models are available for its Afwall Millennium, Clean, FloWise, Madera Toilet and Selectronic toilet collections....


A flush valve releases water from the toilet tank and into the bowl. The flush valve has a flapper that creates a water tight seal. This helps the toilet retain water until it is flushed.


The American Standard Champion flush valve has a diameter of 4 inches, whereas the industry standard is 2 inches. A larger flush valve translates into more force and speed during each flush for potentially more efficient evacuation of the bowl.


To repair a urinal flush valve, empty the tank, then, if needed, reconnect the disconnected chain or strap to the flapper valve. If necessary, clean the flush valve or apply the flusher fixer kit to repair the flush valve.


Replacing the valve cover on an automobile requires using a ratchet and socket set to remove the old cover and replacing it with a new cover. The old gasket will need to be replaced as well as the cover.


Remove the tank lid and perform a visual inspection of the toilet flush valve to start addressing any issues or problems the toilet may be having. Adjust the flapper or tension chain to ensure the flush valve is able to form an effective seal. Drain the toilet tank and ...


To replace the flush valve seal on a Kohler toilet, start by using turning the water shut-off valve to the right to cut the supply to the toilet. Remove the lid from the top of the toilet tank, and drain the tank fully by holding the down the handle of the toilet until ...