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American Standard produces four different types of flush valves: toilet flush valves, urinal flush valves, automatic flush valves and low flow flush valves. Models are available for its Afwall Millennium, Clean, FloWise, Madera Toilet and Selectronic toilet collections....


The American Standard Insurance Company offers private passenger vehicle liability and casualty insurance policies for autos, boats, ATVs, motorcycles, motor homes and snowmobiles. It also insures golf carts and Segway devices. The company has offices in Wisconsin and O...


The American Standard Champion flush valve has a diameter of 4 inches, whereas the industry standard is 2 inches. A larger flush valve translates into more force and speed during each flush for potentially more efficient evacuation of the bowl.


Some common American Standard repair parts include toilet bolt caps, flush valves, trip levers, urinal strainers and mounting kits for toilets. Aerators, diverter spouts and pressure balance cartridge covers are common repair parts for American Standard faucets.


You can sell used auto parts at a number of online venues, including PartingOut.com and Pick-n-Pull. In addition, you can also use eBay.com or Craigslist.org to host ads, or go to local dealers in used auto parts.


American Standard faucet parts are faucet parts made by the American Standard Brands company. American Standard faucet parts are widely used in the plumbing industry and are known to be well-constructed, easy to use and long-lasting. These faucet parts and other replace...


Low-flow toilet models work as well or better than models that use up to seven gallons of water per flush. An evaluation program performed jointly between the U.S. and Canada proves how well low-flow toilets really work.