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Contact Americas Servicing Company customer service. You can call at Americas Servicing Company toll free number (800) 877-4833, fill out a contact form on their website www.wellsfargo.com, or write a letter to Corporate Offices Wells Fargo, 420 Montgomery Street, San Francisco, CA, 94104.


Have your Wells Fargo Home Mortgage welcome letter available to provide the following information: Your new mortgage company is Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. The effective date payments need to be sent to Wells Fargo is the date your mortgage account transfers to us. Your Wells Fargo Home Mortgage loan number.


ASC is a subsidiary of the leading bank known as Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo is a bank that services loans to companies such ASC. The mortgage servicing company particularly deals with maintaining and managing loans and receiving mortgage payments from customers. ASC (Americas Servicing Company) Mortgage is among the leading and most preferred ...


Consumer complaints and reviews about Americas Servicing Company / Wells Fargo. We are all victims and should file a class-action law suit against ASC and Wells Fargo! News & Media


America’s Servicing Company, or simply ASC, is a home mortgage servicing company owned by Wells Fargo. The company doesn’t originate loans on its own. Instead, it purchases loans originated by other lenders, which they sell in the secondary market, packaging them into securities.


I included Wells Fargo with ASC because they are together. I found that out through a lot of research on the internet. The info that I found is a year old and it specifically states that Wells Fargo's servicing company is ASC. So wells Fargo has had plenty of time to fix the illegal and deceptive ways of ASC. Long story short.


You guys ain't seen nothin yet. America's Servicing Company aka Wells fargo aka US Bank is one company that you want to stay on the good side of! Further - it has NOTHING to do with being subprime. I was carrying a score over 800 before I tangled with ASC. First, they nearly doubled my payment days before the index went down.


ASC Mortgage stands for America’s Servicing Company. ASC is a division of Wells Fargo that services mortgages that were originated by other lenders. ASC provides managerial services for those loans, collecting the mortgage payments and handling business interactions with the borrower.


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Wells Fargo, multinational financial services company with headquarters in San Francisco, California. The founders of the original company were Henry Wells (1805–78) and William George Fargo (1818–81), who had earlier helped establish the American Express Company. They and other investors