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Online payment services allow consumers to pay merchants for goods or services electronically, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration. A payment service provider acts as a middleman between the merchant and consumer in processing the payment through the Int...


Yes, loans from America's Servicing Company can be paid online through online payment services such as Charge Smart. America's Servicing Company loans may also be paid using the Wells Fargo site.


Online payment services are often more secure than traditional finance management methods, such as paying bills by mail. Studies suggest that thieves are less likely to steal financial information from an individual using online payment services, claims HowStuffWorks.


Banks offer online bill payment services that allow users to set up bill payments to whomever they want. Online bill payment services offered by specific companies, such as cable companies, allow users to pay only the bill due to that specific business.


Insurance customers have the option of online payment with Geico, American Family and State Farm Insurance. These companies accept electronic checks or most major credit cards for payment. They also offer the option of automatic payments.


Lists of free online payment, banking and financial services are available at SearchEngineJournal.com and Awwwards.com. MakeUseOf.com is another website with a good list of online payment service providers.


Companies that offer online insurance payment options include Citizens Property Insurance Corporation, Chubb Group of Insurance Companies, American International Group and New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Company. Online payment is easy, convenient and secure, as reve...