In an American manicure, the base of the nail is painted with a nude tone and the tip is painted with a neutral tone such as ivory or off-white. The American manicure is an evolution of the French manicure. More »

According to, the combination of red, white and blue on the U.S. flag does not have any official meaning. However, the colors red, white and blue are taken from the Great Seal, to which meaning is ascribed. On... More »

The American crow's tongue is pink at a young age. It darkens as the crow becomes an adult. The American crow is also called the common crow. It has black feathers, legs,and talons. Its bill is also black. More » Pets & Animals Birds

While removing a gel manicure is ideally done by salon professionals, it can also be removed at home using 100 percent acetone, a nail file, a buffing block, strips of aluminum, cotton balls, an orangewood stick or cutic... More » Beauty & Fashion Nail Care Artificial Nails

A natural overlay manicure is a salon procedure in which acrylic, gel or another mixture is applied to the natural nail's surface. This process adds thickness and strength to the nail while enhancing its appearance. More » Beauty & Fashion Nail Care Artificial Nails

Gel nails offer longer staying power than traditional nail polishes, but there has been concern over the safety of the gel manicure. Gel nail polish is applied to the nail and then set by exposure to ultraviolet light. U... More »

In order to create a unique, custom manicure with a nail design idea, choose from the many nail polishes, stencils, brushes or appliques available to accomplish the desired look; creating nail designs require a base coat... More » Beauty & Fashion Nail Care Nail Polish