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Rick Petko left Orange County Choppers to open his own shop, Rick Petko Design (RPD) & Co. RPD is located in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania and focuses on custom welding, metal fabrication and blacksmith work.


ChopperExchange is an online classifieds company with a niche focus on American V-twin motorcycles. The company’s website, ChopperExchange.com, has been helping private sellers and dealers throughout the United States and Canada advertise and sell their V-twin motorcycl...


A buffalo chopper is a food mixer used to cut food into pieces or for grinding it. The buffalo chopper uses a set of revolving knives to cut things up. The degree of fineness is determined by the number of times the ingredients go under the knife blades.


Jesse James builds custom one-off motorcycles for his clients, which are discussed at West Coast Choppers, in Austin Texas. Although his website does not have complete motorcycles listed for sale, there are some parts that can be ordered from the West Coast Choppers web...


Some good vegetable choppers include Chef'n VeggieChop, Vidalia Chop Wizard, OXO Good Grips Chopper and Freshware Vegetable Chopper. As of June 2015, the Vidalia Chop Wizard ranks number one out of the top ten best vegetable choppers listed on Comparaboo.com.


Several types of commercial, or food service, food choppers are currently available. The most commonly used versions are food processors, meat grinders and food cutters, also known as "buffalo choppers." Two of the best-known, most well-respected manufacturers of these ...


A Genius food chopper can be used to prepare raw or cooked ingredients used for making foods such as soups, salads, stews, salsa, vegetable side dishes, French fries and cheese platters. The Genius food chopper is a multipurpose kitchen appliance useful for food prepara...