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As of 2014, to become a banker, a person must have a high school diploma, and an applicant stands a better chance if he has a bachelor's degree. Those who wish to become personal bankers may need to have certification in Banking and Finance from the American Institute of Banking.


The American Insurance and Investment Corporation is a family-run company that started during the 1950s, according to its website. It has offices in Salt Lake City, Utah, and Las Vegas, Nevada. American Insurance handles both personal and commercial policies.


Bankers Life Health Insurance offers Medicare supplement insurance, life insurance, annuities and long-term care insurance, states the Bankers Life website. The Products page of the Bankers Life website offers a full list of available products offered by the company.


Bankers Life Insurance Company does not offer debit accounts but provides annuity products with high annuity rates, explains its official website. Established in 1976, the financial firm caters to the distinct investment needs of clients and business partners, aiming to help customers attain their l


A corporate banker handles corporate customers, such as local businesses, large conglomerates and national offices. He provides them with loans, equipment leasing and commercial real estate. In most cases, corporate banking represents a bank's main way to make money as well as the main source of wri


Investment bankers serve as agents or underwriters for municipalities and corporations. They help companies facilitate complex financial transactions, such as mergers and acquisitions, initial public offerings, corporate restructuring and private equity placements.


Homeowner insurance companies in Florida include Citizen’s Property Insurance Corporation, Universal Property and Casualty, St. Johns Insurance and Safeway, according to The Simple Dollar. The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation has a rate comparison tool on its website that allow users to search


Information about United American Insurance Company is available on the company's website. There, users can learn about the company's products and services, contact customer service, search for career opportunities, learn how to file claims, read the company profile and view industry ratings.


Florida Family Insurance is a Florida-based company offering homeowners insurance protection against hurricanes and other catastrophes in Florida, according to the company's website. Insurance executive Rick Hardy founded the company after personally experiencing Hurricane Andrew, a Category 5 storm


Bankers Life and Casualty life insurance is not a scam, and the company is a subsidiary of CNA Financial Group, as of 2015, states Bankers Life. The Chicago-based company has been doing business since 1879. It offers life and health insurance, and financial products to retirees or workers approachin