A small AMC Movie Theatre popcorn, without butter, equates to 11 points at Weight Watchers. It contains 400 to 500 calories. The butter topping increases the Weight Watchers point count drastically; a large portion with ... More »

A large tub of popcorn from AMC Movie Theaters weighs in at 157 grams and has 1,030 calories. Included in those calories are 41 grams of fat and 579 milligrams of sodium. More »

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The fastest way to find a schedule for an AMC movie theater is to visit the AMC Theatres website and type in the appropriate ZIP code. With this information, the site produces a current movie schedule for the nearest AMC... More »

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The number of Weight Watchers points in sushi varies depending on the type, portion size and particular combination of ingredients. Points can range from a half point for a single portion of sea bass sashimi sushi withou... More »

The Weight Watchers "Points" book is a catalog of foods and recipes categorized by the number of points each food or recipe consumes in a daily allowance, which is determined by current weight, height and gender, accordi... More »

The Weight Watchers Points system is calculated by analyzing the protein, carbohydrates, fat and fiber in a given food and assigning it a value based on those numbers, as indicated by Calculator.net. Dieters are also ass... More »

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According to Weight Watchers, their exercise points are now known as PointsPlus values. Exercise points are earned for any type of activity that you do while you are participating in the Weight Watchers program. More »

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