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Viewers can watch free full-length movies online at IMDB.com, Hulu.com and the Internet Archive. All three sites stream movies, and the Internet Archive also lets users download them.


For the film lover who does not wish to pay a premium, there are a multitude of full-length movies that can be watched for free on YouTube. Films are available in a wide variety of genres, languages and lengths, and range from decades old to more recent.


Many popular movie titles are available on YouTube to stream for a specific cost per movie. For example, as of February 2015, viewers can watch "Dead Poets Society" from its copyright holder, Touchstone Pictures, for a fee of $2.99.


Netflix, Hulu and Amazon.com all offer full-length movies via online streaming for a monthly fee. Customers with a cable TV subscription that includes specialty channels such as HBO can watch movies online via their cable provider's website or directly through the specific channel's website.


As of 2015, websites associated with Movie Tube were shut down after a New York federal court enjoined the company from streaming copyrighted material from the studios that make up the Motion Picture Association of America. The court also awarded the studios $10.5 million in damages.


The movie “Frozen” is legally not available for free viewing online. It is available for a price on numerous websites, including Netflix, iTunes, Amazon Instant Video and YouTube. It is available in HD and SD formats at different prices.


As of 2015, "Russian Ark," "The Seventh Seal," "A Bronx Tale" and "Raising Helen" are some full-length movies available on YouTube. Others include Fritz Lang films, such as "Metropolis" and "The Woman in the Window," and Yasujiro Ozu films such as "Floating Weeds" and "Passing Fancy."


YouTube offers full-length movies that users are able to rent or buy for a fee and some that are completely free to watch. The movies that have a fee attached to them are totally legal to watch and have been approved by the right distributors.


Hulu and Crackle host free, full movies online. These are available through a computer browser and have a variety of movie categories for users to browse and search through, such as action, horror and comedy.


Popular full-length Indian movies include "Chennai Express," "3 Idiots" and "Dhoom 3." "Chennai Express" and "Dhoom 3" premiered in 2013, and "3 Idiots" was released in 2009. All three movies are high-grossing Bollywood films.