The common signs of ovulation in most women include changes in cervical fluid, changes in basal body temperature and changes in cervical position or firmness, states the American Pregnancy Association. The signs and time... More »

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Strong signs that a woman is ovulating appear through changes to the texture of her cervical fluid, a rise in her basal body temperature and adjustments in the feel and positioning of her cervix, according to American Pr... More » Health Women's Health

Signs and symptoms of ovulation vary based on a woman's age and health condition, but common signs of ovulation include changes in cervical fluid, changes in the cervical firmness and position, and changes in basal body ... More »

To determine the best time to conceive with irregular periods, it may be helpful to look for other signs of ovulation such as changes in cervical mucus and basal body temperature, says the American Pregnancy Association.... More »

As women begin to ovulate, their cervical mucus changes and becomes white, thick and stretchy and has the texture and consistency of egg white, according to the American Pregnancy Association. This type of cervical mucus... More » Health Women's Health