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Aluminium sulfate, also known as dialuminum trisulfate, is an aluminium salt used for textile printing and dyeing and in the process of water purification. It is a white solid when it is not in contact with water.


Aluminum is not attracted to a magnet unless it is in a strong magnetic field. In strong magnetic fields, aluminum can become slightly magnetic. Under normal circumstances, aluminum does not exhibit magnetism; aluminum can produce an electrical current when it interacts...


Information involving the price of scrap aluminum cans is available at MetalPrices.com, WealthArtisan.com and iScrapApp.com, as of 2015. Additional information regarding the value of scrap metal is available at Scrapmsc.com and VincentMetals.com.


Extruded aluminum is produced during a process that changes aluminum alloy into objects with cross-sectional profiles for various uses. Aluminum is easily machined and cast. When it is combined with other metals, it becomes stronger and more stable.


Aluminum, like all other metals, conducts electricity, but it is not the best conductor of electricity. Pure gold, pure copper and pure silver all conduct electricity better than aluminum though aluminum is a more efficient conductor than zinc, nickel, brass, bronze, ir...


Oxidation is the reaction that occurs by adding oxygen to other materials, often in combination with water. Oxidation is commonly called rust, but this term technically only applies to iron. Oxidation can occur in a variety of substances besides metals, including food a...


Copper oxide is a chemical compound made up of two elements, namely copper and oxygen. Copper combines with oxygen to form copper I oxide or copper II oxide. Copper I oxide is a black compound while copper II oxide is red.