Lists of the state capitals can be found on a variety of websites including Lovetoknow, Quizlet, Songs for Teaching and Depending on what one is looking for, lists are provided in the form of spreadsh... More » Education Homework Help Reference Books and each has a list of state capitals that users can view in alphabetical order by the name of either the state or its capital city. Websites such as and More » Geography United States

To alphabetize the state capitals, divide them by their first letter. When a group of capitals begins with the same letter, look at the second letter - or the third or fourth when letters continue to match - to determine... More » Geography United States

There are many fun math rap song for kids available to purchase or download online, such as the song "Do You Have Money?" on Songs for Teaching; applications can also be installed from Google Play or iTunes like the "Add... More » Art & Literature

Some resources that compile Native Indian songs include Songs for Teaching, All Music and Smithsonian Folkways. All of these websites offer Native American songs that are free to stream. More » Art & Literature

Cars on the Chrysler recall list include: Chrysler 200 sedans, several vehicles in the Chrysler 300 group, the Chrysler Aspen, Chrysler Sebring and Chrysler Town and Country. In addition to several cars with the Chrysler... More » Education Homework Help Reference Books

Some good resources for third-grade spelling tests include word lists, spelling list worksheets and dictation practice activities available through websites like Super Teacher Worksheets and K12 Reader. Teachers can also... More » Education Homework Help Reference Books